Symposium: Understanding Education in the United States

Richard A. Epstein & Jacob E. Gersen

Making Courts Matter: Politics and the Implementation of State Supreme Court Decisions
Christopher Berry & Charles Wysong

Catholic Schools, Charter Schools, and Urban Neighborhoods
Margaret F. Brinig & Nicole Stelle Garnett

The Gap in Law between Developmental Expectations and Educational Obligations
Emily Buss

The Role of Accreditation Commissions in Higher Education: The Troublesome Case of Dana College
Richard A. Epstein

Do Amish One-Room Schools Make the Grade? The Dubious Data of Wisconsin v Yoder
William A. Fischel

Higher Education's Gainful Employment and 90/10 Rules: Unintended "Scarlet Letters" for Minority, Low-Income, and Other At-Risk Students
Anthony J. Guida Jr & David Figuli

The Evolving Economic Structure of Higher Education
Henry Hansmann

Religion, Schools, and Judicial Decision Making: An Empirical Perspective
Michael Heise & Gregory C. Sisk

Teaching Patriotism: Love and Critical Freedom
Martha C. Nussbaum

Freedom to Fail: The Keystone of American Federalism
Paul E. Peterson & Daniel Nadler


Fiscal Federalism, Political Will, and Strategic Use of Municipal Bankruptcy
Clayton P. Gillette

Copyright's Asymmetric Uncertainty
Steven J. Horowitz


Life during (and after) Wartime: Enforceability of Waivers under USERRA
David Ogles

Book Review

The Past, Present, and Future of Equal Educational Opportunity: A Call for a New Theory of Education Federalism
Kimberly Jenkins Robinson
A Review of 
Five Miles, a World Apart: One City, Two Schools, and the Story of Educational Opporunity in Modern America by James E.


Reconstruction and the Transformation of Jury Nullification
Jonathan Bressler

Against Constitutional Mainstreaming
Bertrall L. Ross II

Reevaluating Standardized Insurance Policies
Daniel Schwarcz


Empirically Informed Regulation
Cass R. Sunstein


Religioius Sincerity and Imperfection: Can Lapsing Prisoners Recover under RFRA and RLUIPA?
Kevin L. Brady

Lessons from the Past: How the Antebellum Fugitive Slave Debate Informs State Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law
James A. Kraehenbuehl

The Stolen Valor Act as Constitutional: Bringing Coherence to First Amendment Analysis of False-Speech Restrictions
Josh M. Parker

Abandoning the Victim Requirement: Clarifying the Position of Trust Enhancement in Federal Sentencing
Matthew S. Rozen

Untangling the Knot: Finding a Forum for Same-Sex Divorces in the State of Celebration
Nick Tarasen

Book Review

Are Those Who Ignore History Doomed to Repeat It?
Peter Decherney, Nathan Ensmenger & Christopher S. Yoo
A Review of 
The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires by Tim Wu


Special Education: Its Ethical Dilemmas, Entitlement Status, and Suggested Systemic Reforms
Miriam Kurtzig Freedman