Symposium: Homo Economicus, Homo Myopicus, and the Law and Economics of Consumer Choice

Douglas G. Baird, Richard A. Epstein & Cass R. Sunstein

Menus Matter
Ian Ayres

Discharge, Waiver, and the Behavioral Undercurrents of Debtor-Creditor Law
Douglas G. Baird

Bundling and Consumer Misperception
Oren Bar-Gill

Paying with Plastic: Maybe Not So Crazy
Tom Brown & Lacey Plache

Wanting, Liking, and Learning: Neuroscience and Paternalism
Colin F. Camerer

Behavioral Economics: Human Errors and Market Corrections
Richard A. Epstein

Paternalism and Psychology
Edward L. Glaeser

Credit Card Accountability
Samuel Issacharoff & Erin F. Delaney

"We Can Do This the Easy Way or the Hard Way": Negative Emotions, Self-Regulation, and the Law
George Loewenstein & Ted O'Donoghue

Cognitive Errors, Individual Differences, and Paternalism
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski

Peer Comparisons and Consumer Debt
Luis Rayo & Gary S. Becker

Boundedly Rational Borrowing
Cass R. Sunstein


Broken Windows: New Evidence from New York City and a Five-City Social Experiment
Bernard E. Harcourt & Jens Ludwig


Appellate Review of SLUSA Remands after CAFA
Steven J. Cowen

Proving Probable Cause: Allocating the Burden of Proof in False Arrest Claims under § 1983
Sarah Hughes Newman

Parents, Subsidiaries, and RICO Distinctiveness
William B. Ortman

Towards a Sensible Rule Governing Stays Pending Appeals of Denials of Arbitration
Gabriel Taran

Book Reviews

An Efficiency-Based Explanation for Currenct Corporate Reorganization Practice
Kenneth Ayotte & David A. Skeel, Jr
A Review of 
Courting Failure by Lynn M. LoPucki

The President, the Supreme Court, and the Founding Fathers: A Reply to Professor Ackerman
Steven G. Calabresi
A Review of The Failure of the Founding Fathers: Jefferson, Marshall, and the Rise of Presidential Democracy by Bruce Ackerman