Vol. 74, Issue 1, Winter 2007

Symposium: Intergenerational Equity and Discounting

David A. Weisbach & Cass R. Sunstein

Caring about the Distant Future: Why It Matters and What It Means
Tyler Cowen

Economic Growth and the Interests of Future (and Past and Present) Generations: A Comment on Tyler Cowen
Matthew D. Adler

Valuing the Future: OMB's Refined Position
John D. Graham

Discounting: A Review of the Basic Economics
Geoffrey Heal

Discounting Dollars, Discounting Lives: Intergenerational Distributive Justice and Efficiency
Louis Kaplow

Discounting . . . on Stilts
Douglas A. Kysar

Agencies Should Ignore Distant-Future Generations
Eric A. Posner

Paretian Intergenerational Discounting
Dexter Samida & David A. Weisbach

On Discounting Regulatory Benefits: Risk, Money, and Intergenerational Equity
Cass R. Sunstein & Arden Rowell

Rational Discounting for Regulatory Analysis
W. Kip Viscusi


Temporary Legislation
Jacob E. Gersen


After Howard and Monetta: Is Ignorance of the Law a Defense to Administrative Liability for Aiding and Abetting Violations of the Federal Securities Laws?
Alexander P. Robbins

Book Reviews

Statutory Interpretation and Decision Theory
Caleb Nelson
A Review of "Judging under Uncertainty: An Institutional Theory of Legal Interpretation," by Adrian Vermeule

Peter B. Rutledge
A Review of "Sorcerers' Apprentices: 100 Years of Law Clerks at the United States Supreme Court," by Artemus Ward and David L. Weiden; and "Courtiers of the Marble Palace: The Rise and Influence of the Supreme Court Law Clerk," by Todd C. Peppers