Volume 81.4 (Fall 2014) 1443-2123

Volume 81, Issue 4 (Fall 2014) 1443-2123


The Legal Salience of Taxation
Andrew T. Hayashi

Tax-Loss Mechanisms
Jacob Nussim & Avraham Tabbach

Regulating Systemic Risk in Insurance
Daniel Schwarcz & Steven L. Schwarcz

American Constitutional Exceptionalism Revisited
Mila Versteeg & Emily Zackin


Bursting the Speech Bubble: Toward a More Fitting Perceived-Affiliation Standard
Nicholas A. Caselli

Payments to Not Parent? Noncustodial Parents as the Recipients of Child Support
Emma J. Cone-Roddy

Too Small to Fail: A New Perspective on Environmental Penalties for Small Businesses
Nicholas S. Dufau

Understanding Equal Sovereignty
Abigail B. Molitor

“Widespread” Uncertainty: The Exclusionary Rule in Civil-Removal Proceedings
Michael J. O’Brien

Clogged Conduits: A Defendant’s Right to Confront His Translated Statements
Casen B. Ross

“Integral” Decisionmaking: Judicial Interpretation of Predispute Arbitration Agreements Naming the National Arbitration Forum
Daniel A. Sito

Book Reviews

Lisa Bernstein

Contract Theory—Who Needs It?
Avery W. Katz

Contract Law and Theory: Three Views of the Cathedral
Eyal Zamir

Reviews of Reconstructing Contracts by Douglas G. Baird, Contract Law: Rules, Theory, and Context by Brian H. Bix, and Foundational Principles of Contract Law by Melvin A. Eisenberg