Peer Review

The Law Review has recently made a provisional decision to join a number of our peer journals in incorporating faculty peer review into our article selection process. We have invited a diverse group of faculty members to comment on the merit and originality of select articles in their scholarly discipline. The Articles Group will use these comments to supplement our discussion of articles under consideration for publication. We hope that, as we choose articles from a pool of scholarship that is growing increasingly specialized and interdisciplinary, this new initiative will ensure that the Law Review continues to publish the caliber of legal scholarship for which we are known. We further hope that the opportunity for scholars to comment on the work of their peers will spark debate and collaboration among the scholarly community. Although peer reviewers will have the option of remaining anonymous, we hope that the best reviews will ultimately result in response pieces to be published on our website or in the Law Review. Our ultimate goal in this initiative is to ensure that we retain independence in our decision-making while our journal continues to provide the valuable service to the scholarly community that it has aspired to provide over the years.