In Radical Markets, Eric A. Posner and E. Glen Weyl argue that the major problems of our time—low growth, rising inequality, and political conflict—are due to the failure of market institutions, which have allowed people and corporations to accumulate excessive market power. Posner and Weyl contend the solution is not more regulation but the reorganization of markets so that markets are freer, more open, and more competitive. The ten essays found below are a product of the one-day symposium held last fall when scholars met to discuss Posner-Weyl's groundbreaking book. 

RadicalxChange: An Academic Agenda
E. Glen Weyl
87 U Chi L Rev Online 1 (2019).

A History for the Future: Radical Markets and the Work of History
Ananya Chakravarti
87 U Chi L Rev Online 12 (2019).

A Decision Theoretic Approach to Understanding Survey Response: Likert vs. Quadratic Voting for Attitudinal Research
Charlotte Cavaillé, Daniel L. Chen, and Karine Van der Straeten
87 U Chi L Rev Online 22 (2019).

Radical Markets or Conventional Politics? An Ambitious Guide to Reforming American Immigration Policy
Adam B. Cox
87 U Chi L Rev Online 44 (2019).

Property Attachments
Lee Anne Fennell
87 U Chi L Rev Online 55 (2019).

QV or Not QV? That Is the Question: Some Skepticism about Radical Egalitarian Voting Markets
Richard L. Hasen
87 U Chi L Rev Online 67 (2019).

Audits, Markets, and Patents
Daniel Hemel
87 U Chi L Rev Online 78 (2019).

The Technological Politics of Mechanism Design
Zoë Hitzig, Lily Hu, and Salomé Viljoen
87 U Chi L Rev Online 95 (2019).

Ownership and Punishment
Matthew Prewitt
87 U Chi L Rev Online 109 (2019).

Property in Radical Markets​​​​​​​
Katrina Miriam Wyman​​​​​​​
87 U Chi L Rev Online 125 (2019).