Vol. 74, Issue 2, Spring 2007

In Memoriam: Bernard D. Meltzer (1914-2007)

Saul Levmore Richard A. Epstein
Robert A. Helman Martha Nussbaum
Douglas G. Baird Richard A. Posner
Catherine M. Masters Geoffrey R. Stone
Phil C. Neal Cass R. Sunstein


The New Market for Federal Judicial Law Clerks
Christopher Avery, Christine Jolls, Richard A. Posner, & Alvin E. Roth

Predicting Corporate Governance Risk: Evidence from the Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance Market
Tom Baker & Sean J. Griffith

Legislative Compromise and Tax Transition Policy
Michael Doran

The Cost of Norms: Tax Effects of Tacit Understandings
Alex Raskolnikov


"Our Federal System": States' Susceptibility to Challenge When Applying Federal Affirmative Action Law
Ross R. Fulton

A Functionalist Approach to the Definition of Cocaine Base in § 841
Andrew C. Mac Nally

Book Review

Enforcing Law Online
Orin S. Kerr
A Review of "Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World," by Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu

  • Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World,
    Jack Goldsmith & Tim Wu