Vol. 75 Special Feature: Demisesquicentennial

Celebrating 75 Years of The University of Chicago Law Review

In 2008, The University of Chicago Law Review celebrated its 75th anniversary. To honor the occasion, Volume 75 of the Law Review featured a series of essays commemorating several of the journal's most influential articles to date. The tribute essays are collected below, along with the original articles that they memorialize.



Kenneth Karst's Equality as a Central Principle in the First Amendment
Geoffrey R. Stone
[Original Article]

Class Actions in the Administrative State: Kalven and Rosenfield Revisited
Richard A. Nagareda
[Original Article]

Robin West, Jurisprudence and Gender: Defending a Radical Liberalism
Martha C. Nussbaum
[Original Article]

On the Origin of Rules (with Apologies to Darwin): A Comment on Antonin Scalia's The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules
David A. Strauss
[Original Article]

Studying the Exclusionary Rule: An Empirical Classic
Albert W. Alschuler
[Original Article]