Symposium: Reassessing the State and Local Government Toolkit

Julie A. Roin, Lee Anne Fennell & Richard A. Epstein

Community Benefits Agreements: A New Local Government Tool or Another Variation on the Exactions Theme?
Vicki Been

The Timing of Elections
Christopher R. Berry & Jacob Gersen

The Most Popular Tool: Tax Inrement Financing and the Political Economy of Local Government
Richard Briffault

The Foreclosure Crisis and the Antifragmentation Principle in State Property Law
David A. Dana

How to Undermine Tax Incremend Financing: The lessons of City of Chicago v ProLogis
Richard A. Epstein

Controlling Residential Stakes
Lee Anne Fennell & Julie A. Roin

Neither "Creatures of the State" nor "Accidents of Geography": the Creation of American Public School Districts in the Twentieth Century
William A. Fischel

Affordable Private Education and the Middle Class City
Nicole Stelle Garnett

Who Should Authorize a Commuter Tax?
Clayton P. Gillette

The Steep Costs of Using Noncumulative Zoning to Preserve Land for Urban Manufacturing
Roderick M. Hills, JR & David Schleicher

Direct Voting by Property Owners
Thomas W. Merrill

Rethinking the Theory and Practice of Local Economic Development
Richard C. Schragger

Entrenching Environmentalism: Private Conservation Easements over Public Land
Christopher Serkin


Debacle: How the Supreme Court Has Mangled American Sentencing Law and How It Might Yet Be Mended
Frank O. Bowman III


Fast-Track Sentencing Disparity: Rereading Congressional Intent to REesolve the Circuit Split
Thomas E. Gorman

When "No" Is Not Enough: the Express Rejection of Sexual Advances under Title VII
Diana M. Watral

Book Review

Retributivism Refined—or Run Amok?
Kenneth W. Simons
A Review of 
Crime and Culpability: A Theory of Criminal Law by Larry Alexander and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, with Stephen Morse