Symposium: Understanding Education in the United States

Richard A. Epstein & Jacob E. Gersen

Making Courts Matter: Politics and the Implementation of State Supreme Court Decisions
Christopher Berry & Charles Wysong

Catholic Schools, Charter Schools, and Urban Neighborhoods
Margaret F. Brinig & Nicole Stelle Garnett

The Gap in Law between Developmental Expectations and Educational Obligations
Emily Buss

The Role of Accreditation Commissions in Higher Education: The Troublesome Case of Dana College
Richard A. Epstein

Do Amish One-Room Schools Make the Grade? The Dubious Data of Wisconsin v Yoder
William A. Fischel

Higher Education's Gainful Employment and 90/10 Rules: Unintended "Scarlet Letters" for Minority, Low-Income, and Other At-Risk Students
Anthony J. Guida Jr & David Figuli

The Evolving Economic Structure of Higher Education
Henry Hansmann

Religion, Schools, and Judicial Decision Making: An Empirical Perspective
Michael Heise & Gregory C. Sisk

Teaching Patriotism: Love and Critical Freedom
Martha C. Nussbaum

Freedom to Fail: The Keystone of American Federalism
Paul E. Peterson & Daniel Nadler


Fiscal Federalism, Political Will, and Strategic Use of Municipal Bankruptcy
Clayton P. Gillette

Copyright's Asymmetric Uncertainty
Steven J. Horowitz


Life during (and after) Wartime: Enforceability of Waivers under USERRA
David Ogles

Book Review

The Past, Present, and Future of Equal Educational Opportunity: A Call for a New Theory of Education Federalism
Kimberly Jenkins Robinson
A Review of 
Five Miles, a World Apart: One City, Two Schools, and the Story of Educational Opporunity in Modern America by James E. Ryan

Online Exclusive

Special Education: Its Ethical Dilemmas, Entitlement Status, and Suggested Systemic Reforms
Miriam Kurtzig Freedman