Studying the Exclusionary Rule: An Empirical Classic
Albert W. Alschuler


The Unbundled Executive
Christopher R. Berry & Jacob E. Gersen

Stock Exchanges and the New Markets for Securities Laws
Chris Brummer

Judicial Ideology and the Transformation of Voting Rights Jurisprudence 
Adam B. Cox & Thomas J. Miles

The Dale Problem: Property and Speech under the Regulatory State
Louis Michael Seidman


Setting the Standard: A Fraud-based Approach to Antitrust Pleading in Standard Development Organization Cases
James E. Abell III

Defining the Appellate Universe: Does FRCP 52(b) Impose a Duty on Litigants?
Daniel R. Fine

Burden of Proof for Employee Numerosity under § 1981a Statutory Damage Caps
Bryan Hart

Assessing the Viability and Virutes of Respondeat Superior for Nonfiduciary Responsibility in ERISA Actions
Bradley P. Humphreys

Trapped: Judicial Review of Municipal Agencies' Sick Leave Policies
Daniel E. Jones

Nominal Reasonable Royalties for Patent Infringement
Nathaniel C. Love

Exercising the Passive Virtues in Interpreting Civil RICO "Business or Property"
Jacob Poorman

Pure Consumption Cases under the Federal "Crackhouse" Statute
Michael E. Rayfield

Violence and Contact: Interpreting "Physical Force" in the Lautenberg Amendment
John M. Skakun III

Misbehaving Attorneys, Angry Judges, and the Need for a Balanced Approach to the Reviewability of Findings of Misconduct
Robert B. Tannenbaum

Determining "Reasonableness" without a Reason? Federal Appellate Review Post-Rita v United States
Sherod Thaxton

Book Reviews

The Structure of Classical Public Law
Barry Cushman
A Review of 
The Rise and Fall of Classical Legal Thought by Duncan Kennedy

Some Realism about Mass Torts
David Marcus
A Review of 
Mass Torts in a World of Settlement by Richard A. Nagareda