In Memoriam: David P. Currie (1936-2007)

Gerhard Casper

Richard A. Epstein

David Gossett

Herma Hill Kay

Edmund W. Kitch

Larry Kramer

Saul Levmore

George A. Ranney

Geoffrey A. Stone

Martha Swisher



Kenneth Karst's Equality as a Central Principle in the First Amendment
Geoffrey R. Stone

Symposium: Surveillance

Dredging up the Past: Lifelogging, Memory, and Surveillance
Anita L. Allen

Private Decisionmaking in Administrative Agencies
Kenneth A. Bamberger & Deirdre K. Mulligan

Choice or Consequences: Protecting Privacy in Commercial Information
J. Howard Beales III & Timothy J. Muris

The Memory Gap in Surveillance Law
Patricia L. Bellia

Privacy, Visibility, Transparency, and Exposure
Julie E. Cohen

Cybersecurity in the Payment Card Industry
Richard A. Epstein & Thomas P. Brown

Updating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Orin S. Kerr

Privacy, Surveillance, and Law
Richard A. Posner

Data Mining and Internet Profiling: Emerging Regulatory and Technological Approaches
Ira S. Rubinstein, Ronald D. Lee & Paul M. Schwartz

Reviving Telecommunications Surveillance Law
Paul M. Schwartz

Government Data Mining and the Fourth Amendment
Christopher Slobogin

Privacy versus Antidiscrimination
Lior Jacob Strahilevitz


The Reconstruction Congress
David P. Currie


Reducing Fraud against the Government: Using FOIA Disclosures in Qui Tam Litigation
Eric M. Fraser

Big Boys and Chinese Walls
Daniel Sullivan

Book Review

Economics as Context for Contract Law
George S. Geis
A Review of 
Framing Contract Law: An Economic Perspective by Victor Goldberg