Symposium: Revelation Mechanisms and the Law

Governing Communities by Auction
Abraham Bell & Gideon Parchomovsky

Partition and Revelation
Yun-chien Chang & Lee Anne Fennell

Savage Tables and Tort Law: An Alternative to the Precaution Model
Janet M. Currie & W. Bentley MacLeod

Revelation and Suppression of Private Information in Settlement-Bargaining Models
Andrew F. Daughety & Jennifer F. Reinganum

The Use and Limits of Self-Valuation Systems
Richard A. Epstein

Expert Mining and Required Disclosures
Jonah B. Gelbach

Renegotiation Design by Contract
Richard Holden & Anup Malani

Audits as Signals
Maciej H. Kotowski, David A. Weisbach & Richard J. Zeckhauser

Irreconcilable Differences: Judicial Resolution of Business Deadlock
Claudia M. Landeo & Kathryn E. Spier

From Helmets to Savings and Inheritance Taxes: Regulatory Intensity, Information Revelation, and Internalities
Saul Levmore

Quadratic Voting as Efficient Corporate Governance
Eric A. Posner & E. Glen Weyl

The Efficiency of Bargaining under Divided Entitlements
Ilya Segal & Michael D. Whinston


Libertarian Paternalism, Path Dependence, and Temporary Law
Tom Ginsburg, Jonathan S. Masur & Richard H. McAdams


Too Late to Stipulate: Reconciling Rule 68 with Summary Judgments
Channing J. Turner

Book Review

Common Good and Common Ground: The Inevitability of Fundamental Disagreement
Rebecca L. Brown
A Review of Ordered Liberty: Rights, Responsibilities, and Virtues by James E. Fleming and Linda C. McClain