Group to Individual (G2i) Inference in Scientific Expert Testimony
David L. Faigman, John Monahan & Christopher Slobogin

Game Theory and the Structure of Administrative Law
Yehonatan Givati

Habeas and the Roberts Court
Aziz Z. Huq

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Agency Independence
Michael A. Livermore

Accomodating Every Body
Michael Ashley Stein, Anita Silvers, Bradley A. Areheart & Leslie Pickering Francis


Toward a Uniform Rule: the Collapse of the Civil-Criminal Divide in Appellate Review of Multitheory General Verdicts
Nathan H. Jack

All out of Chewing Gum: A Case for a More Coherent Limitations Period for ERISA Breach-of-Fiduciary-Duty Claims
Raphael Janove

Book Review

The Liberalism of Love
Sharon R. Krause
A Review of Political Emotions: Why Love Matters for Justice by Martha C. Nussbaum