Andrew C. Maxfield

Litigating the Line Drawers: Why Courts Should Apply Anderson-Burdick to Redistricting Commissions
Andrew C. Maxfield
BA 2018, University of Wisconsin–Madison; JD Candidate 2021, The University of Chicago Law School.

I’d like to thank Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Claire Rogerson, Brenna Ledvora, Becky Gonzalez-Rivas, Javier Kordi, Meghan Holloway, Daly Brower, and the entire editing team of The University of Chicago Law Review for incredible suggestions and advice on this piece. I’d also like to thank my high school English teacher Mr. Hale, who I was taught by that the passive voice should sparingly be used in my writing.

In the battle against partisan gerrymandering, redistricting commissions are now on the front lines.