Charles W. Tyler

The Adjudicative Model of Precedent
Charles W. Tyler
Visiting Professor of Law and Executive Director, Constitutional Law Center, Stan-ford Law School.

For excellent comments and suggestions, I thank Michael Abramowicz, Will Baude, Sam Bray, Aaron-Andrew Bruhl, Christian Burset, Jud Campbell, Ray Campbell, Nathan Chapman, Michael Dorf, David Freeman Engstrom, Nora Freeman Engstrom, Abbe Gluck, Jacob Goldin, John Harrison, David Hyman, Ben Johnson, Hajin Kim, Randy Kozel, Marin Levy, Daniel Markovits, Michael McConnell, Tracey Meares, Anne Joseph O’Connell, James Phillips, Zach Price, Jane Schacter, Geoff Sigalet, Shirin Sinnar, David Sklansky, Norm Spaulding, Mark Storslee, Diego Zambrano, and participants at the Civil Procedure Workshop and the Peking University School of Transnational Law Faculty Workshop. Ben Gibson, Emily Goldenberg, Benjamin Keener, Ariella Park, Austin Peters, and Victor Xu provided excellent research assistance. Finally, I am grateful to the federal judges who agreed to be interviewed for this project and to the indefatigable editorial team at The University of Chicago Law Review.