Christopher S. Elmendorf

Racially Polarized Voting
Christopher S. Elmendorf
Professor of Law, University of California, Davis, School of Law.
Kevin M. Quinn
Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.
Marisa A. Abrajano
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California, San Diego.

For helpful feedback, we thank Jack Chin, Heather Gerken, Ellen Katz, Nathaniel Persily, Michael Pitts, Bertrall Ross, David Schleicher, Douglas Spencer, Nicholas Stephanopoulos, faculty workshop participants at UC Davis School of Law, and the Articles Editors of The University of Chicago Law Review. We also acknowledge UC Davis law students Chané Buck, Chelsea Daughters, Andrew Doan, Joel Guerra, James Knauer, Lars Reed, Diem Ly Vo, and Zachary Zaharoff for their work coding cases. A codebook defining the fields that were used is available at