Eric Biber

Which Science? Whose Science? How Scientific Disciplines Can Shape Environmental Law
Eric Biber
Assistant Professor of Law, University of California at Berkeley School of Law; Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School, Fall 2011

Thanks to Ty Alper, Michelle Wilde Anderson, Robert Bartlett, Holly Doremus, Dan Farber, Prasad Krishnamurthy, Brian Leiter, Katerina Linos, Prasad Krishnamurthy, Anup Malani, Emily Hammond Meazell, Martha Nussbaum, Dave Owen, Eric Posner, Bertrall Ross, Adam Samaha, Joseph Sax, Eleanor Swift, David Takacs, David Weisbach, David Winickoff, and Katrina Wyman, and participants at workshops at UC Berkeley School of Law, the University of Chicago Law School, the University of Maine School of Law, the Law and Society Association 2011 Annual Meeting, and the Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship at Vermont Law School for helpful comments. Thanks to Santosh Sagar, Jill Jaffe, Jennifer Aengst, Zachary Markarian, and Jessica Cheng for research assistance.