Jacqueline Pecaro

Volume 89.7
The Joint Venture Exception in the International Silver Platter Doctrine: Variability and Devaluation of Cooperation
Jacqueline Pecaro
B.A. 2018, Cornell University; J.D. Candidate 2023, The University of Chicago Law School.

I would like to thank Professor Eric Posner and the editors and staff of the University of Chicago Law Review for their thoughtful advice and insight on this Comment.

This Comment examines the joint venture exception in the international silver platter doctrine in the context of the use of wiretaps in federal narcotics cases. Under the international silver platter doctrine, evidence obtained through searches (like wiretaps) by foreign law enforcement on foreign soil and under foreign law is admissible in U.S. courts. The joint venture exception qualifies the international silver platter doctrine: if participation by U.S. law enforcement in a wiretap by foreign law enforcement on foreign soil constitutes a joint venture, then evidence obtained from the search is admissible only if the wiretap was reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.