Leigh Johnson

Volume 89.6
My Body, Your Choice: The Conflict Between Children's Bodily Autonomy and Parental Rights in the Age of Vaccine Resistance
Leigh Johnson
B.A. 2018, Duke University; J.D. Candidate 2023, The University of Chicago Law School.

I would like to thank Professor Emily Buss and the editors and staff of the University of Chicago Law Review for their thoughtful advice and insight. Thank you to the entire team at CHILD USA, particularly Alice Bohn, for inspiring the initial research that led to this Comment and providing support along the way. Thank you most of all to the parents and students at Woodmont Elementary School, who taught me about care for family and community.

This Comment argues that minors possess a qualified autonomy right to consent to recommended vaccines. It outlines the legal background of this autonomy right by discussing the history of vaccination laws, parental rights, and children’s rights in the United States.