Mark Storslee

Religious Accommodation, the Establishment Clause, and Third-Party Harm
Mark Storslee
Executive Director, Stanford Constitutional Law Center.

Thanks to Stephanie Barclay, William Baude, Thomas Berg, Samuel Bray, Jud Campbell, Nathan Chapman, Nora Freeman Engstrom, Carl Esbeck, Richard Garnett, Stephanie Inks, Mark Kelman, Andrew Koppelman, Douglas Laycock, Christopher Lund, Ira Lupu, William Marshall, Michael McConnell, Chloe Moon, Douglas NeJaime, Jane Schacter, Geoffrey Sigalet, Lance Sorenson, Charles Tyler, Robin Fretwell Wilson, and participants in the Stanford Law School Fellows Workshop and the Annual Law and Religion Roundtable for helpful conversations and feedback on earlier drafts. Special thanks are also due to Frederick Mark Gedicks, Micah Schwartzman, and Nelson Tebbe for their generosity and for helpful conversations about this topic and others. All errors, of course, are my own.