Aziz Rana

Constitutionalism and the American Imperial Imagination
Aslı Bâli
Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law
Aziz Rana
Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

We are grateful to the organizers of TheUniversity of Chicago Law Review Symposium for inviting us to contribute to this issueand to the participants of the symposium onMay 12–13, 2017, for the constructive criti-cism they offered on our preliminary draft of this Essay. For their helpful suggestionson our argument, we would also like to thank Devon Carbado, Cheryl Harris, RanHirschl, Aziz Huq, Darryl Li, Odette Lienau, Hiroshi Motomura,Samuel Moyn, K-SuePark, Intisar Rabb, Kim Scheppele, Noah Zatz, and the participants at the Yale LawSchool’s 2018 Middle East Legal Studies Seminarmeeting in Lisbon. We are also gratefulto Laura Bloom and Sam Millang for excellent research assistance.