Laura K. Donohue

The Original Fourth Amendment
Laura K. Donohue
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center.

Special thanks to Randy Barnett, Morgan Cloud, Julie Cohen, William Cuddihy, Jennifer Daskal, Thomas Davies, Daniel Ernst, Erin Kidwell, Martin Lederman, John Mikhail, Paul Ohm, James Oldham, Julie O’Sullivan, Michel Paradis, Brad Snyder, Geoff Stone, William Treanor, and Peter Winn, who provided thoughtful comments on earlier versions of the Article. Ladislas Orsy kindly helped to verify the meaning of the original Latin texts. My appreciation extends to participants at the Georgetown Law faculty workshop, Georgetown Law’s Constitutional Law Seminar, the 2015 Berkeley-GW 8th Annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference, the Washington, DC National Security Law Roundtable, and the Retired Partners Group at Arnold & Porter LLP for their critiques. Jeremy McCabe, Thanh Nguyen, Ellen Noble, and Morgan Stoddard kindly assisted in helping to obtain many materials. Betsy Kuhn copyedited the penultimate text, which is reflected in part in chapters four and five of my recently published book, The Future of Foreign Intelligence: Security and Privacy in a Digital Age (Oxford 2016). The editors at The University of Chicago Law Review dedicated time and effort to ensuring the quality of the final Article. It is much appreciated.