Einer Elhauge

Contrived Threats versus Uncontrived Warnings: A General Solution to the Puzzles of Contractual Duress, Unconstitutional Conditions, and Blackmail
Einer Elhauge
Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor of Law, Harvard Law School.

I am grateful for funding from the Petrie-Flom Center and Harvard Law School and for helpful comments from Michael Abramowicz, Jonathan Adler, Albert Alschuler, Scott Altman, Ian Ayres, William Baude, Adam Cox, Elizabeth Emens, Richard Fallon, Joe Farrell, Brian Fitzpatrick, Charles Fried, John Goldberg, Wendy Gordon, Rick Hills, Bert Huang, Daryl Levinson, John Manning, Eric Rasmusen, Chris Robertson, Louis Michael Seidman, Christopher Serkin, Steven Shavell, Suzanna Sherry, Sonja Starr, Matt Stephenson, Cass Sunstein, Mark Tushnet, Adrian Vermeule, Abe Wickelgren, and participants in the Harvard Law Faculty Workshop, the Harvard Law and Economics Workshop, the Vanderbilt Law Faculty Workshop, and the 2014 Yale conference on Medicare and Medicaid.