Larry E. Ribstein

Partnership Governance of Large Firms
Larry E. Ribstein
Mildred van Voorhis Jones Chair, University of Illinois College of Law

Thanks for comments on previous versions to Amitai Aviram, Steve Bainbridge, Vic Fleischer, Ron Gilson, Richard Squire, Michael Weisbach, and Charles Whitehead, and participants at workshops at the Association of American Law Schools, University of Connecticut, Fordham, UCLA School of Law, George Washington University, and the Symposium, The Going-private Phenomenon: Causes and Implications at The University of Chicago Law School. For a longer version of this Article, see Larry E. Ribstein, Uncorporating the Large Firm (University of Illinois Law & Economics Research Paper No LE08-016, May 27, 2008), online at abstract=1138092 (visited Jan 11, 2009).