Disability Law

Federal Expansion and the Decay of State Courts
Diego A. Zambrano
Assistant Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

For thoughtful comments and conversations, I thank Greg Ablavsky, Robert Bone, Adam Chilton, Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, David Freeman Engstrom, Richard Epstein, Eric Fish, Nora Freeman Engstrom, Jacob Goldin, Alexandra Lahav, Hiba Hafiz, Deborah Hensler, Daniel E. Ho, David Hoffman, William Hubbard, Samuel Issacharoff, Emma Kaufman, Amalia Kessler, Dan Klerman, Jonathan Masur, Michael McConnell, Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, Saul Levmore, Jim Pfander, Bill Rubenstein, Joanna Schwartz, Catherine M. Sharkey, Shirin Sinnar, Norm Spaulding, Alan Trammell, Adam Zimmerman, and the editors of The University of Chicago Law Review. I also thank participants at the Annual Civil Procedure Workshop and the Clifford Symposium.

Revitalizing the Law That “Preceded the Movement”: Associational Discrimination and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Bianca G. Chamusco
The University of Chicago; MA 2014, The University of Chicago; JD Candidate 2018, The University of Chicago Law School

A deaf man is admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. The hospital, unable to locate an available American Sign Language interpreter, relies on the man’s children to communicate with him.

Accommodating Every Body
Michael Ashley Stein
Executive Director, Harvard Law School Project on Disability; Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School; Professor, William & Mary Law School
Anita Silvers
Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University
Bradley A. Areheart
Associate Professor, University of Tennessee College of Law
Leslie Pickering Francis
Alfred C. Emery Distinguished Professor of Law and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Utah